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Soft Tissue Laser Thearpy

Dr. Anna Patras has implemented the use of laser therapy to comfortably correct soft tissue problems in the mouth that can adversely affect orthodontic treatment. This is a painless treatment utilizing topical anesthetic and a light beam, thereby remedying some of the following problems:

  • Removal of excess gum tissue around teeth.
  • Uncovering a tooth that is delayed in coming in.
  • Removal of excess fibrous gum tissue (frenum) between the front teeth.
  • Treat canker sores, mouth herpes or cold sores to promote faster healing, destroying the virus that causes these sores with immediate relief. This procedure takes only a few minutes.

Laser treatment during orthodontics can improve timeliness and quality of your orthodontic outcome. If Dr. Patras feels that laser treatment will benefit your orthodontic treatment, we will discuss the financial responsibility with you as this is not included in the overall treatment fee. We will gladly submit your insurance claims for you.

Our patients who experience the remarkable results of laser therapy are always happily surprised with their comfort during and after the procedure, and immediately realize the benefits it provided.