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Dr. Anna Patras is a certified provider of Myobrace® treatment. The word myo denotes a relationship to muscle (myo=muscle).

A system of Myobrace/Trainers was developed by Australian orthodontist Dr. Chris Farrell.


Recent research shows that teeth are often crooked because of poor myofunctional habits such as reverse swallowing, tongue thrusting, overactive facial muscles, mouth-breathing, digit-sucking, to name a few. The pressure exerted by parafunctional activity of muscles not only makes the teeth crooked but also affects the jaw bones. Correction of these habits will lead to a more stable orthodontic outcome. Utilization of Myobrace/Trainers can help eliminate these habits that are detrimental not only to teeth, but overall body health. The younger the patient when he/she starts the therapy the better the growth benefits from the treatment and faster correction of damaging habits. In more severe cases, therapy administered by a certified myologist will need to be implemented (see the information on our certified myologist on staff). This technique will prove to be successful only with 100% cooperation; therefore this system is not made for everyone's lifestyle. It also depends on inherent biological response of the individual. The Myobrace system often requires arch development by other means, such as gentle expansion. In many cases, braces may be required to achieve the perfect smile you desire. The end result will provide a very stable outcome because it normalizes muscle function.