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DNA™ Therapy

Dr. Anna Patras is a certified provider of the DNA™ appliance (Daytime–Nighttime-Appliance.). This unique, patented appliance was developed by Dr. Dave Singh DDS, PhD, BDS. Treatment is based on the concept of epigenetic orthodontics.

Research shows that poorly developed dental arches not only lead to crowding of teeth, but also to interrupted sleep patterns/sleep apnea, development of TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder) and altered facial structure, i.e., long face syndrome, bump on nose, flat cheekbones, underdeveloped upper jaw/underbite appearance.

The DNA appliance will slowly and gently expand the upper arch allowing the lower arch to move forward, resulting in a proper bite. A well-formed upper arch will help to ensure a healthy body from head to toe. This type of arch development (induced maxillary morphogenesis) is effective in preventing and treating of:

  • obstructive sleep apnea
  • reduction or elimination of snoring
  • TMJ disorders
  • orthodontic problems

While naturally developing oral and facial bones, the removable DNA appliance not only straightens teeth and improves the bite, it also promotes natural airway remodeling and enhances facial appearance without use of injections or drugs. This is effective not only in children, but also in passively growing adults. Call Dr. Patras' office for a consultation if you are experiencing any of the above conditions.